1. anime girl in cat hoodie
2. anime girl in cat hoodie
3. anime girl crying
4. anime girl crying
5. anime boy
6. Music Saves my soul
7. Manga People Manga
8. anime girl not done
9. anime girl ace of hearts
10. HAPPY HOLIDAYS From otakucat
11. anime pikachu girl
12. anime cat girl
13. anime girl
14. anime eyes
15. anime ariel
16. chibi neko cat
17. anime cat girl
18. anime girl
19. anime girls
20. anime girl and boy
21. chibi neko
22. anime angel girl
23. anime cat girl crying
24. flower
25. anime girl
26. anime girl
27. anime vampire girl
28. anime girl
29. anime boy or girl
30. anime cat girl
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United States
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um... hello, lets see um.. i have always lov to draw ever since i was smaller and i still do i enjoy drawing. it is fun. so i also like to hang around with my friends and have fun. so um.. i guess that's it for now ( i have to figure out what else to say)
Tools of the trade
i use a simple #2 pencil nothing to fancy with an eraser
mostly drawing, writing and watching anime :)
Favourite books
inu yasha, ranma1/2, naruto, one piece, fairly tail, azumanga daioh, k-on, alice in country of hearts/ clover/ joker, happy cafe, love less, dawn of arcana, full moon, black god, spice and wolf, kamisama kiss, sailor moon, crown of love, gin tama, pandora hearts, flower in a storm, earl and fairy, chobits, bride of the water god, s.t dragon, vampire knight, crimson empire, alice 19th, bleach, elfen lied, sword art online, usagi drop, death note, attack on titan, fruit basket, romeo and juliet, rosario and vampire, ouran high school host club, working!!, soul eater, kitchen princess, special A, say "i love you", 5 centimeters per second, rouruni kenshin, ghost in shell, lupin the 3rd, maid sama, my little monster, high school of the dead, kimi in todoke, black butler, black cat, black bird, d gray man, blood lad, natsune book of friends, sakura hime, and alot more!!
Favourite movies
Favourite music
i lov vocaloids!! Hatsune Miku, Lin & Rin, SeeU, Sonika, IA, Kaito, Lily, Luka, Namine Ritsu, ect.