1. eagle
2. snowman
3. rose
4. ballet dancer
5. howling wolf
6. anime angel
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18, Female
United States
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my name is rebecca i sometimes go by bob yeah im weird like that i love art, one direction, ed sheeran,paramore, reading and dan and phill i will rarely post tutorials but i love posting my artwork
Tools of the trade
Graphite drawing pencils, Sharpies, colored pencils, watercolors, and sketchbook x ( iPad app)
i play flute and a little piano, drawing, photography, going on muzy, reading and sometimes writing, being a couch potato and spending the entire day on the internet fangirling over one direction, dan and phil, and ed sheeran, yeah thats about it
Favourite books
twilight, thirteen reasons why, the cladi journals,the beautiful creatures series,cinder, marley and me, the hunger games series,harry potter, the percy jackson series, the maze runner, the heartland series, the forest of hands and teeth series, rot and ruin, dust and decay, and flesh and bone i pretty much love all books
Favourite movies
all twilight movies , brave, the hunger games, harry potter, hatchi ( makes me cry every time ) ,and toy story 3
Favourite music
one direction,ed sheeran, paramore, demi lavato, and thats about it