1. Puma outline
2. Deer
3. Snake Outline
4. Bird
5. Frog Outline
6. Mermaid
7. Spirit
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19, Female
United Kingdom
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I love art with a passion and i always draw. i cant do any on the computer because i dont have a steady hand when it comes to using the computer. i mostly draw fantasy because i find it fascinating and a creative way to draw because you can be free with what your drawing.
Tools of the trade
Pencils, acrylic paints, watercolour, oil pastel, chalk and graphite sticks.
i did gymnastics and tennis a while ago and in both i injured myself and decided to stop. i used to be in rainbows, brownies and guides but i quit guides because it was too boring for me.
Favourite books
i have many favourite books but they have to be adventurous because if they're a romance ill get extremely bored XD
Favourite movies
i have ALOT of favourite movies but they have to make me laugh and they have to be adventurous. unlike the books i dont mind a little bit of romance. my complete favourite tv series is The Vampire Diaries because its always exciting! im definatly on team delena ;)
Favourite music
i have quite a few of these aswell! i can never make up my mind because i like all genres!