1. Ryan
2. Amanda
3. Heritage
4. Puppy circles
5. april
6. climb
7. RC
8. Christmas rocking horse
9. Red Rose
10. Eye kaleidoscopic
11. Beach yard
12. Touch
13. Fairytale
14. Circle Shaun
15. Kamii
16. Circular Steps
17. Knot
18. Wolf Cry
19. Sphere of lost color
20. Colorful Glass
21. Bonjour
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24, Female
United States
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I am a young artist who also writes books. I've been drawing since I was two. Crayons and paper were the only way to get me not to cry ad a baby. My imagination is always turning down the winding trails of my brain. I love meeting people! So if you want to know more just friend me!
Tools of the trade
II use markers, pincles, crayons. Basically anything I can get my hands on to draw with I use.
My biggest hobbies are writing and drawing. I enjoy going four wheeling with my family.
Favourite books
I LOVE READING! My favorite book right now would be the one I am working on now. I am a huge tolken fan.
Favourite movies
The Lord Of The rings movies are the best!
Favourite music
I listen to mostly rock. SKRILLEX! If you turned my iPod on shuffle you would hear all types of music from Celtic to country to rock and even rap.