1. Manga Girl
2. Cat girl
3. Male Faces Manga
4. Chibi Shark
5. Arguing Chibis
6. Cartoon horse
7. Cartoon Deer
8. Chibi Scientist
9. Kawaii Lion
10. Kawaii girl
11. Chibi Sewing Machine
12. Stitch
13. Little Popcorn Girl
14. Chibi Starfire
15. Chibi Raven from Teen Titans
16. Chibi Miku Hatsune
17. Eyes
18. Profile view
19. Epic Smiley and or Awesome Face
20. Chibi Green Angry Bird
21. Om nom
22. Danny Phantom
23. Ghost
24. Pikachu doll
25. Cheshire cat
26. chibi face
27. eyes
28. Nemo
29. Hamtaro
30. Winnie the Pooh
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My real name is Ariana. I am 15 years old now, I live in the U.S.A. in sunny California, I have a twin sister, I have a horrible tendency to not check my account for a long time T_T sorry about that. If you have any questions about where I drew that, tips, what books I use, someone to chat with, or whatever you can e-mail me. So ya! :) Hope you all had a great summer! and have a nice and delightful day = ^u^=
Tools of the trade
Mechanical pencil, eraser, paper, and how to draw manga books :) ( I am still not good enough to use just my mind)
I like to draw, read, write, exercise, and play the flute and piano. =^u^= and pretty much anything having to do with arts and crafts :)
Favourite books
The Divergent Series, The Hunger Games Series
Favourite movies
Frozen, Edge of Tomorrow, and plenty more
Favourite music
Every type!! I luv music ^.^
:- I don't have this
:/ I don' have
:( Don't have
D: Nope
T_T No