1. Apatosaurus
2. Pteranodon
3. Stegosaurus
4. Allosaurus
5. soul evans
6. Caterpillar
7. Lines
8. Cute shaded pikachu
9. Adorable chibi fruit
10. Full moon
11. Chibi mermaid
12. Chibi pooh
13. Anne Frank
14. Kids aeroplane
15. Butterfly rainbow
16. Floras Ice Cream
17. Window cleaning flower
18. Window cleaning butterfly
19. Heart broken chibi
20. Music lover
21. Chibi Link
22. Chibi Link and Kirby
23. Link
24. What goes on in floras brain
25. Another cute Pikachu
26. Evil Luna
27. Nail polish swirl
28. Splat
29. Evil Devil
30. Chibi Miku
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I can be two completly different people! I can be nice, sweat, loving, warm-hearted and helpful. But i can be agressive, vicious, deadly and scary! I love doing Karate and Drawing! I need one more belt (which is black) and I have been doing karate since I was 5! There are about 18 belts before black!! I am very bliss and vibrant. I am honest and loyal. I am protective and sweet. I am caring and loving. And of course, I can be an Angel! I love God! And I love all his creations! AND IM IN LOVE WITH THE ANIME CALLED SOUL EATER!!!
Tools of the trade
Coloured Pencils, Pens, Greyled, Texas (not so much), Paper (due), my brain, my body, my iPad (when needed to go on WowPaint), furniture (mostly my desk and my spiny chair), sometime water colour pencils, a highlighter (for halos), a door to close so my annoying little brother doesn't come in and annoy me, my creative mind, ect! I use a a sharpie when I need to outline things! And somwtimes I draw things with nailpolish! I always have with me when I'm drawing, a sharpener, rubber, felt tip pen, and my grey led and paper! If I didnt have any paper, I'd be drawing on the walls, and if I did that, my mum would grab a butchers knife, and chase me around the house!
Doing Kartate, Drawing, Singing (I'm pretty good at it), listening to music, emailing, watching TV, eating junk food, laughing with my friends, hanging out, doing fun quizzes, finding out new animal facts (LOVE NATURE!!), mucking around, riding my scooter and going ballistic at people who annoy me a lot, accidentally punching people, yelling and screaming, loving life, thinking, breathing, eating.... And... Sleeping! And last but not least... WATCHING SOUL EATER!!!
Favourite books
Diary of a Wimpy kid, Dork Diaries, Big Nate... Yeah! That's about it! There entertaining! And this one book called Once! It's very interesting! I LOVE it! I'm also reading Ingo, and that's a good book too!
Favourite movies
HARRY POTTER!! I know most of the spells and potions and characters! Me and punkyskunky love it! I have seen the whole series in ONE DAY!!!!!!!!! Voldy is awkward! And I love Charmed! It's an awesome show!! And House of Anubis! It's full or mysterys and risks! XD BUT I LOOVVEE SOUL EATER!! THAT ANIME IS THE BEST!! :3
Favourite music
Anything from Nick Manaj and Moroun 5. Gangnam Style! Amnesia! International love! Earthquake! Beauty and a beast! Ect! And all the latest songs! (as long as they don't burst your eardrums!) but my favorite song, is She Wolf, because it reminds me of these story's me and Alice make. Long story!
Uh, I'm kinda young!
*looks around* ..your asking me!? Uh, I'm like, not telling you!!
*plays minecraft* sorry! Can't hear you!
Is that my marz bar!? *drools*
*acts like a derp, smashes book in face* Lol!
I'm not a bird, ok!