1. custom box fixedd
2. for custom box on deviantART maybe
3. Unicorn
4. Art Collaboration with Rogan
5. Baby Dragon
6. SkyStripe Cat
7. Saban the Elephant
8. Miranda the Cat Girl
9. Midnight Bloom
10. Little Chibi Creature Thingy
11. Lily Chibi Girl
12. Lian the Panda
13. Kit Anime Girl
14. Kay the Kitty for Kayleigh
15. Random Anime Girl
16. Fella of deviantART
17. Diallo The Lion
18. Chibi Baseball
19. Strange Chimpmunk
20. Aoife the Dancing Bunny
21. Alphie the Piggy
22. Aengus the Alley Cat
23. Adonia the Baby Gryphon
24. Random Green Haired Girl
25. Demon Girl
26. Yellow Doggy
27. Chicken Costumes are the New Fashion
28. Personality Tagging
29. Slenderman
30. Sleepy Blue Bear
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United States
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Hi. I'm Serena. Call me Serena, and nothing else. Remember my name as Cierra, and I'll mentally punch you in the face. I love to draw cartoons, play the clarinet, and play minecraft. That' all you need to know! c: PS: be sure to take a look at both my paper&pencil art, AND digital art!
Tools of the trade
Wacom Bamboo Splash, ArtRage, Paper&Pencil
Favourite books
ew I hate reading... But once upon an ancient time when I did read, I read Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Dork Diaries.
Favourite movies
Case 39, and a billion other awesome movies
Favourite music
That song that is like that song that is sorta like a song that is musical