1. Shana (Shakugan no Shana)
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18, Female
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Tools of the trade
Favourite books
My favourite book are: The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon etc.) By Christopher Paolini, Harry Potter (1-7), most Rayond E. Fiest books and a whole heap of manga. The Inheritance cycle is by far my favourite though.... FOREVER!
Favourite movies
My favourite movies are: Spirited Away, LABYRINTH (lol, David Bowies tights are so tight XD) Lord of the Rings(classic movies), Harry Potter(1-7), Quest for Camelot, Swan Princess, Anastasia, Sinbad, Corpse Bride and any Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki movies. My favourite Tv shows are: Bones, Legend of the Seeker, Castle and Doctor Who. Plus around 20 or so different anime (Japanese cartoons) including my two favourites, Angel Beats! and InuYasha.
Favourite music
I love music, I play guitar, am learning piano and have been playing the flute for 3 years. My favourite Music artists are: My Chemical Romance, Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, 3 Days Grace, Dead by April, Girls Dead Monster, Nickelback, DAVID BOWIE!!! (Don't judge... he ROCKS!) Iron Maiden and Evanescence. A type of music I like is a remix called "Nightcore" which is when a songs pitch, speed and or length is remixed to sound cooler.