1. Lord of the Rings
2. wolf skull 2
3. Wolf Skull
4. aliens
5. three days grace wolf
6. heart with wings
7. wolf with wings
8. anime link from zelda
9. anime wolf
10. tribal wolf
11. tribal griffin
12. tribal wolf
13. anime dragon
14. fox
15. The Grim Reaper
16. dr stein from soul eater
17. tribal eye
18. tribal rose
19. doll fairy
20. angry tribal wolf
21. tribal wolf tattoo
22. elf
23. dragons night
24. anime eyes
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Im sixteen and even though this site probably tells you im a dude (i usually do that so i dont get stalked, yes it has happened before) im really a girl. tada....i have been drawing sense 5th grade and have done nothing but improved. I am not as good as some people but i have done some amazing things with art.
Tools of the trade
I just got the Iintuos Pro 4 Large. I must admit, it takes some getting used to and if anyone wants to drop by and give some tips i would be very grateful. i usually just use graphite and paper but it does have its limitations as well as the tablet does. But im learning and once i got the hang of it i really liked it. I am currently using gimp right now (a good starter) but i already have six adobe systems paid for i just am waiting because i would like a better laptop that can withstand all that awesomeness.
Favourite books
Percy Jackson, Game of thrones (The song of ice and fire), lord of the rings, the hobbit, the left hand of god, Daniel X, Eragon, Harry Potter.
Favourite movies
the ones that dont suck...fighting is a must....also cunning "what the hell just happened ending" and also, where the bad guy wins. (Thor: The Dark World....pffft. Loki won and it was a great turn from the comic books...surprisingly.)
Favourite music
Sick Puppies, Three Days Grace, hans zimmer, air, lines in wax, Skrillex (Sometimes), green day, rolling stones, thirty seconds to mars, cage the elephant,plexxus, breaking benjamin, ALL TIME LOW, the red jumpsuit apparatus, 3 doors down, linkin park, howard shore, the offspring, fall out boy, holly wood undead, one republic, and the all american rejects.