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3. Len Kagamine
4. Colored Rin Kagamine
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6. Rin Kagamine
7. Anime Guy
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United States
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I'm your basic teennager... ;) Besides the fact I love anime :P I have an awesome family with siblings who I get mad at a lot... -.- I have amazing friends at school who make me laugh everyday, and make me feel better when I'm sad. And if my friends are reading this... See you guys on August 13th!!! I watch anime any time I have free time. I also go on ourworld, which is a fun website. Well, there's not much left to say about me unless you really wanna be a stalker.. :P And that's me!
Tools of the trade
I use basic stuff. There's a lead pencil, sketch pad, or lined paper, and an eraser. I use Sharpie pens with fine tips to draw over the pencil. I also use watercolour tubes and watercoulour packets.
It's kinda obvious that if I join Dragoart, that one of my hobbies is gonna be drawing... Other than that, I love fixing people's hair, most specifically my siblings -.- , I also love goofing off with my friend Autumn when we're at school. My final hobby is flipnote hatena. I love making music videos and stories for my fans and other people who enjoy them as much as I do!
Favourite books
Must I say? I absolutely love manga, so there are a lot. Right now though, I like Switch Girl and Kaichou Wa Maid Sama. I absolutely reccomend them!! There's also Ah! Banchousama.
Favourite movies
I have a lot of favorite movies. I'm more interested in paranormal movies, though. There's anime movies and realistic movies. My favorite anime movie is Eden of the East. The first movie was awesome. Haven't seen he second yet, though... It's called paradise something... lol >^< I also liked the Clannad movie. Hated the ending. In the series, she came back.. In the movie, she died. But Tomoya and Ushio got reunited!! <3
Favourite music
I'll say this: I'm NOT a fan of heavy metal. I love JPop and KPop. Vocaloids are one of my favorite JPop singers, and I love T-ara for the KPop singers.