1. Portgas D Ace
2. Connor Kenway AC3
3. Quick Ezio Sketch
4. Chibi Connor Kenway
5. Chibi Creed
6. Chibi Altair
7. Link x Pikachu
8. Sora And His Gang
9. Tribal Connor Kenway AC3
10. Assassins Creed Dragon Logo
11. Captain Connor Kenway AC3
12. Assassins Creed
13. Realistic Eagle
14. Realistic Miku
15. Wolf
16. Realistic Wolf
17. Connor Kenway AC3
18. Anime BatGirl
19. Anime WereWolf
20. Miku
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United Kingdom
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My name is Linda, also known as Ruby. I live in London ( which has the most miserable weathers ) with my parents and my annoying big “ Wise” brother. I'm a nintendo nerd :} who loves to draw any style of art. I love fashion aswell as with games such as Assassin's Creed, Zelda and Kingdom Hearts ( Axel ... <3 i just love that guy.. >:3 ) I'm crazy about OnePiece and FairyTail.. ( Manga/Anime ) Gomenasai. I probably will say that a lot :') Oh and my Husband. Have I mentioned? No? Yeah, Law... Trafaglar Law.. ( In OnePiece ) <3 Hes my forever Death Surgent :D<3 *Ahem* There's nothing interesting about me, so no need to read about me~ C: **************************************************************************** heeyy peeps! I and Links_Triforce are making a group The Tribal Gryphons :3 Please do join. The members so far; StephanieCardona, Ezio_Auditore, Urish, Gamerman011, RosalinaX, Pencilguy, Emo_Scene_Kid, kawthar, Theodora, WhiteDarkness, DragonRider, Red
Tools of the trade
I use H,B,2B,4B,6B,HB And my unique barbie pencil with an earser <3 xx ---> And now Colors 3D :P ( on the 3DS ) ANDDDDDD I EAT DOUGHNUTY-PIES TO GET MY MIND GOING! :D Or.. I just think about Rogue.. My Lovely Shadow man :3 Or My Husband; Trafalgar Law <3 <3
I have quite alot of hobbies but my favourite are just hanging out with my friends and family, Doodling on my school books, playing on my 3DS and drawing on it :P,drawing, going onto DragoArt, cycling, going to the counrty side ( Nature fan :D ), stalking, ~ I LOVE TO EAT DOUGHNUTYPIES!!!! ( A special combo made up by me and Links_Triforce )
Favourite books
Not into books as much, but i do love Holly Webbs books, and Manga books. Pfft to be honest Movies are better :)
Favourite movies
Any type of movies that has horror with blood >:) , comedy and romance... i love romantic films.. Shh. Don't tell no-one c: I LOVE FairyTail, OnePiece, DeathNote, and many more Animes/Mangas xD..
Favourite music
Don't listen to music as much, but I do listen to OnePiece, Naruto, & FairyTail OSTs :D~ Rogue-Sama~~! Law-Sama~~! Hehe, sorry :3
AC-DOUGHNUTY-PIES.COM Pfft no not really XD it would've been that xxx
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