1. Pray for Death
2. Dragon of Battle
3. Two is better then one
4. Party at Wonderland
5. Rawr
6. Cylestial Dragon
7. To Hell we go
8. Octiskull
9. Miss Pixie
10. Forever
11. Welcome to Wonderland
12. Pika gone Wild
13. Thanksgiving time
14. The Unknown
15. The Witch
16. Patience
17. Time is nothing
18. A helping hand
19. Never too late
20. Arty and Terra
21. Mystical Dragicorn
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United States
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I'm a rather shy person, but I love art and express everything I feel and imagine through it. Enough said about me♥
Tools of the trade
I mainly just use pencil and charcoal. I enjoy sketching and creating my own creatures. And of course I love dragons :)
Drawing, sketching, Editing, Photography, Writing, Poetry, Short story writing, and acting. :)
Favourite books
Black Butler, Witch, Twilight saga, Full Tilt.
Favourite movies
I love alot of movies! But my all time favorites are Alice in Wonderland, Suckerpunch, Black swan, and The Butterfly Effect :)
Favourite music
I listen to anything and everything, but favor rock ♥