1. The Spirit Animal
2. Owl made of shapes
3. Kingdom Hearts
4. Japanese letters
5. Wolf
6. Rage Faces
7. Sora from a Video Game series called Kingdom Hearts
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My only real ambition is to acquire a multitude of skills. The main skill right now I want to learn is drawing. and DragoArt really helps. <3 Besides that, I spend a lot of my time playing FFR, Legend of Zelda, and other class games on my pc. I play basketball, and am currently in highschool. If you'd like to know more about me or my art, just send me a message/comment.
Tools of the trade
I use a basic set of pencils from Hb to 6b and an eraser. I like to keep things traditional. Recently, I've taken an interest in ballpoint pen. That'll be a fun medium to learn to use.
Learning useless/useful talents.
Favourite books
Hunger games trilogy, The Burn Journals. etc etc.
Favourite movies
The road, Daft Punk's Electroma, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Avatar. I've really just started watching movies, so the list is small.
Favourite music
Electronic music is beyong my favorite. Daft punk, Lindsey stirling, dubstep artists, and other softer techno artists are great. I'll listen to a bit of classical but I was born and raised with rock 'n' roll parents. :)