1. Beagle Puppy
2. Pomeranian Puppy
3. Poodle Puppy
4. Saint Bernard Puppy
5. Collie Puppy
6. Beagle
7. Charmy kitty
8. Flying dragon
9. Lotus
10. Feline
11. Realistic cat
12. Sorta failed cat
13. Wierd cat
14. Cat
15. Bunny wabbit
16. Wolf
17. Cute kitten
18. Not so good dog
19. Cheetah drawing
20. Manga cat
21. Anime kitty cat
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United States
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I LOVE THE WARRIOR series and love to draw cats because they are my favorite animal. I love anime and manga cats and how they look and I am a HUGE fan of Dawn and LOVE her artwork.
Tools of the trade
Sharp pencil, 4B Pencil, Shading tools.
LOVE TO DRAW!!!!!!! Love to swim and love to make origami.
Favourite books
I love the warriors series, and a new series I am reading that I LOVE is the House of Night series.
Favourite movies
My favorite movie is probably Avatar.
Favourite music
My favorite song is Lights by Ellie Goulding