1. Dragonite
2. Bunny girl
3. Another Pokemon
4. Pokemon x)
5. Pony
6. Wolf Zombies Attack lol
7. Other Doggy as Zombie
8. Doggy
9. Nyan Dash
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE batman! I like gir. I make friends easily, but i don't give them trust easily. This is a really good site me and my friend viewed it all the time and i finally got an account :D and i like to draw the randomest things, i create my own drawings sometimes, and i made a painting of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Rainbow Dash dressed as Nyan Cat. :D Hope to make nice, neat, funny friends on here :D <33 and I want to become a doctor when i grow up and i always study about the human body and diseases. Raise the awareness Of MALARIA! :D And if anyone wants me to post some tutorials on something ill try :D
Tools of the trade
I simply use my sketch notebook (my best friend) and a simple pencil(: i don't use anything special at all.
Drawing, hanging with my best friends Ulyses,Angel, and johnathan, etc; and also, i love shopping<33 I LOVE to make friends :D Feel free to comment and rate or even fav/ my artwork ^___^ all opinions are acceptable :D
Favourite books
Statistical Probablitly Of Love At first Sight. Each little bird that sings Dreams of Significant girls the dissapeared Necklace of Kisses I was a teenage fairy Pink smog forensic Sciences
Favourite movies
SCRE4M Freddy Krueger (the entire collection) The texas chainsaw massacre freddy vs. Jason friday the 13th SCREAM SCREAM 2 SCR3AM The lucky one the vow
Favourite music
Anything by Taylor Swift Lil wayne nicki minaj <33 YMCMB