1. Reverie Methelence
2. Coud Van Girett
3. Chimchar and Butterfree
4. Groudon The Legendary Ground Pokemon
5. Cyndaquil and Buizel
6. Dialga, The Legendary Pokemon Of Time
7. Action, Suffering manga Character
8. Gum Gum
9. Jennifer and Andy
10. Jennifer Kajiwara
11. Dr Andrew Collins
12. manga style teens kissing
13. Aang the Avatar
14. Guardian Angel
15. Outbursting angel
16. Jonah Von Brucken
17. Mysterious someone
18. A Graffiti Guy
19. Luna, Oliver and Fransesca
20. My first Luna drawing
21. people kissing
22. Sasuke
23. A House in the woods
24. Shadow The Hedgehog
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21, Female
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I'm Just a Teen That loves arts ;) No more No less :D
Tools of the trade
Pencils: H6, HB, 2B, 6B, 8B Mechanical Pencils: 0.5-0.7-2.0 ->3H-2H-HB-2B Pens: pentel pocket penBrush colored pens frixon friction erasable pens in various colors inkpen Markers: Posca, Giotto Inks: staedtler liners: 0.1,0.3,0.5,0.7 rotrig rapid-graphs 0.2,0.3,0.4,0.6 Rubbers-Erasing tools: pentel rubber Suber hard, Pelican normal white rubber, pentel Rubber soft, CretacoloR Kneaded eraser, astop bic stainless double edge blades Sharpenders: normal Faber Castel Sharpender staedtler 502 cabana for 2.0 pencil Rulers: basic shape rulers in varioue sizes, ellipse templates, Accurate line ruler (all with ink side) Q-connect circle maker "bomb" circle maker Graffiti Tools: Wall Spray (Various types) Markers (watch above) also waterproof wall markers Computer Hardware: Wacom Bamboo Graphics Tablet, Lexmark intuition SE S508 scanner-printer Mac Computer Computer Software: Photoshop Photoshop Elements Manga studio EX Bamboo Dock
Karate, Comics, Music, Streetdance, Graffiti, Drawing, Poetry, Piano(playing the piano since 4 years old), writting music, writting lyrics.
Favourite books
Harry Potter series, Sherlock Holmes book series, Avatar: the last airbender book series, Alfred Hitchcock and the Three detectives series, Chronicles of Narnia series, Spiderwick Chronicles, Percy Jackson series, Naruta manga comic, Amazing Agent Luna manga comic, Amazing Agent Jeniffer manga comic, Aoi House manga comic, Witch Hunter comic, Paranormal Activity Squad Manga comic, Vampire Cheerleaders manga comic, Heavensent American manga comic, Ninja high School american manga, Sonic the hedgehog comic, Sonic Univers arc series, Asterix comics, Soulfire comic, Sherlock Holmes comic series, Indigo Graphic Novel, Snow Graphic Novel.
Favourite movies
Harry Potter series, Avatar, Titanic, The last Airbender, Moving Castle, Journey to the centre of earth, Race to the witch mountain, Journey 2, Sherlock holmes, Bride and Prejudice, Lemonade mouth, Step up Series, Streetdance, Honey, Another Cinderella story, P.P.P. , High School Musical series, Paranormal Activity, Karate Kid series.
Favourite music
Hip-Hop, Rap, Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock, Rock, Greek Rock, Metal.