1. Easy Pig
2. Eiffel Tower Doodle
3. Coca Cola Monkey
4. The I Forgot What Its Called
5. Mermaid Hello Kitty
6. Puppy face
7. Finn From Adventure Time
8. Ninja Hello Kitty
9. Supposedly Spongebob
10. Polka Dotted Rabbit
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I have One Direction Infection :D. I'm 13 and i was born in Lithuania,but moved to America when i was 6. I crave lemons :D I like acting weird because that makes shy people act weird too and be themselves. ^I'm shy myself except when i'm around my friends. i'm not really athletic but i LOVE to play sports for fun.... like volleyball and tennis and swimming or others. One important fact about me is that i just LOVE France!!!! I wish to live in Paris someday!!! My dream is to see the Eiffel Tower <3 . I also wanna travel the whole world ~i call that adventure~
Tools of the trade
A pencil and sometimes colored pencils (don't color often)
I Like to draw,i'm creative when i wanna be so i try creating stuff. I Love to play volleyball!!!!! I read depending on my mood and the book.
Favourite books
Hunger Games Desert Crossing All The Lovely Bad Ones, The Nighmarys, Trapped, Project 17, A Child Called "It", The Outsiders, ....But i could go on and on...these are some faves but there are SOOOO much more.
Favourite movies
Too many to remember (or to name)
Favourite music
One Direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then a bunch of other artists music but i don't have a favorite except for 1D :)
Uhhh..I don't think so.
Don't have one
Stalker Much? :D
Same here ^