1. Lightning
2. Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII
3. Ed Ed n Eddy
4. Bass
5. Ed clothing hanger
6. Edd stupid sock head
7. Garfield
8. Angry Brids from Mad
9. Megaman
10. Eddy
11. Grimm
12. Angry Bird Space
13. Ed Edd n Eddy face
14. Ed Edd n Eddy
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I'm been drawing since 5th grade, my first draw is "Garfield" still looking for my first draw ever since bad storm Hurricane "Ike" at Houston in 2008. I stop drawing after mid-school into High School for learning after 2005 done at school I remind me of go back too drawing I did the Mario Bros and I lost it and I'll have no clues where is it. 2006-2007 at college I draw a troop form a game "Killzone"and "Gears of War" and look great (coming soon). late 2010, at work I saw a paper a cool pen artwork from a good work Friend and why I'm going back too due some Drawing and never stop. I Love draw: Garfield, Mario Bros, Gears of War, Mega Man(Characters), Ed, Edd n Eddy, Cartoon Cartoon from Cartoon Network (97-06)(P.S. The New Cartoon Show SUCK), South Park, and Final Fantasy Characters, and I'm still learning too draw from a drawing book and this website. I'm happy too join this website. so late.
Tools of the trade
number-two pencils, other art pencils, color pencils, pens (still learning)
Play sport in Special Olympics. Garden Railways "G" Scale. LGB Trains Toy Model. YouTube:LGBfanNBGRR86. Xbox360:txrookie PS3:txrookie-BW-
Favourite books
Pirate Latitude by "Michael Crichton" The War of the Worlds by "H. G. Wells Train Wrecks. comics:Batman, Gears of war, Dead Space and Garfield.
Favourite movies
Downfall, Batman, Rango, Up, Toy Story1-3, Wall-E, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lord of the Rings. 3:10 to Yuma. T.V. Show: South Park, the 90s cartoon, Ed, Edd n Eddy.
Favourite music
1.Final Fantasy 13 2.Dissidia 012 3.Deus Ex: Human Revolution 4.Batman: Arkham City 5.Final Fantasy 7-10 6.Final Fantasy 12 7.Hans Zimmer music ( Call of Duty, Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman and Gladiator). 8.Red Dead Redemption 9.The World Ends With You(DS)game 10.The Black Mages 11.Gears of War1-3 12.Metal Gear Solid1,4 13.Killzone2-3 14.Halo1,3 15.Final Fantasy 13-2 16.Dead Space1-2 17.Distant Worlds1-2 18.Final Fantasy 14 (Battle Track) 19.Super Mario Galaxy 20.Uncharted2,3 21.Transformers(movie) 22.Street Fighter 4 23.Star Wars 24.Kingdom Hearts 2 25.Crisis Core - Final Fantasy 7