1. Piplup
2. Teddy Bear
3. Rainbow
4. Shewolf8
5. BlueBird
6. Doggy
7. Bunny
8. Butterfly tattoo
9. Wolf
10. White Rose
11. Beagle
12. Croc
13. Bloodspill
14. Katy Perry
15. Firebolt
16. Firebolt
17. Goldfish
18. Heart Hands
19. Me and Doggy
20. Dragoart
21. Tom and Jerry
22. Spongebob
23. Unicorns
24. Angel Heart
25. Bunny
26. Lion
27. Wolfie and Duckie
28. Cat Girl
29. Parrot
30. Lynx
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United States
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GUYS , PSST, LET ME TELL YOU A SECRET! My real name is not Madison, I use that as a fake. I'm not giving out my real name YET. Maybe later, or maybe you'll figure out once I post pictures that I've done on paper. ANYWAY, I am not a copier. I think I should say that first :) I am in love with beautiful art <3 I will draw, and draw, and even sketch, ALL day long! A few people who stick up for me are, Shewolf8, Dizzy_Duckie, AllyS, and a few more. I love to draw, my favorite thing to draw as a kid was Spongebob!
Tools of the trade
Too many different types of pencils, pastels, and paint.
Some of my hobbies are of course, art, and soccer is a active hobby I like! I am also a BIG book worm like I said!
Favourite books
I have too many favorite books. I mean, I am a book worm, I'll stuff a book in my face half the day!
Favourite movies
I have actually a few, I love Soul Surfer, Avatar, Twilight, and I like so many more I can't name at the moment!!!
Favourite music
I personalty like Katy Perry, I love all her music. My favorite song from her would have to be ET.
I want one
Not giving it out
Yes, but I'm not giving it out :P