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hey guys! i am a wild child who likes to eat tomatoes, and i play Free Realms, so if you play too, feel free to let me know by comment and i will add you if you want me to. if you send me a friend request, i will always except it asap! i love school and i am gifted! i love climbing the tree out front of my house and playing on my DSI. im friendly and sensitive of temperatures. i am a Pokèmon kind of girl, and my favorite pokèmon would have to be Lugia. I am scared of bees and wasps bc i have never been stung in my LIFE! i have never had a cast or stitches. i love the internet and i have two dogs. A golden retriever chow-cow mix, and a terrier mix. They are named Maxie and Chevy. Maxie i think was found in the woods when two ppl were driving. they already had too many dogs so they were giving her away.my dad went to see her and we got to keep her!!! Chevy was given to us by my aunt i think. Maxie freaks out when we are gone for a long time. she even attacks me when i go out to get the mail for
Tools of the trade
anything you can and once a rock.
Climbing my tree, playing with my friends, playing with Maxie(told about in About Me), reading, and playing with the whip i made.
Favourite books
Magic Tree House, A to Z mysteries, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Harry Potter.
Favourite movies
Diary of a Wimpy Kid, TinkerBell, Secret World of Arrietty, Spy Kids, Santa Buddies.
Favourite music
BTR!!!!!! I ♥ YOU KENDALL!!!!!!!