1. Rainbow Dash
2. Anime girl
3. Charcoal Self Portrait
4. Sherlock Holmes
5. Summertime Keera
6. Cross and Chains
7. Cross and Chains WIP
8. Maka Albarn
9. Alina
10. Eevee again
11. Zerra Arrancar OC
12. Bikini Girl
13. Eevee
14. Izzy Sleeping
15. Happy Valentines Day
16. Maka Albarn
17. Maka Lineart
18. Happy New Year
19. The Natuke Sisters
20. Merry Christmas 2010
21. Self Portrait Project Painting
22. Keera
23. Tobin
24. Ford Mustang 2010
25. Tobin ,,revisit,,
26. Anime Contest
27. A Rose
28. Tribal Design
29. Kazemon
30. Kazemon Lineart
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24, Male
United States
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Yo, Tucker here. I'm an anime artist with a minor catch of realism. I love to bowl, draw, and play videogames. I'm going to say now, unless I know you, don't add me. If you spam me, I'll block you. I'm a fan of many anime abridged series'. Currently I'd say my anime skill is at a 7/10. My bowling average is around 190, and my video game skills are pretty good... minus shooting. Haha. Peace out yo.
Tools of the trade
#2 Pencils, Kneaded Eraser, PSE7, GIMP, Bamboo Pen&Touch Tablet, Mechanical Pencils
Bowling, Drawing, Video Gaming!
Favourite books
Fallen Angels, The Outsiders, Left Behind
Favourite movies
Sci-fi and action movies in general
Favourite music
Christian Rock, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, HipHop/R&B