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20, Male
United States
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lazy but i like to work out and build muscle hate country love to have a girl friend i think the best feeling in the world is to have some one that loves i love Facebook but got hacked i think the best thing in the world is friends and high school is awesome but i dident get to join a sport this year and i suck at spelling and the last thing is i like to read but cant member half the books i ever read ohh and zombies are awesome and i think females are better friends then men and p.s. im not gay
Tools of the trade
pen, pencil and my brain
skateboarding best thing i love to do is listen to music and i like to draw but i am not that good
Favourite books
house on mango street 150 ways to tell you're ghetto watchmen ending is the best part pride the prejudice and zombies the journal of Scott pendleton Collins tom Clancy splinter cell end game the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod the snow spider need
Favourite movies
inception,wall-e, ponyo,hangover 2,every jackass ever made super,super8, 30 minutes or less
Favourite music
every thing but country
i love that website but aint got one
kool but aint got one
got hacked