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United States
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Ok. Hi guys I'm Heather and I'm 16 but I'll be turning 17 on Halloween. YAY ME!! Anyway I like to draw and sing. I have a b,c,d average in school. I'm a Sophomore and I like to skateboard even though I don't much anymore because I no longer have a skateboard. :( I like nature, wolves, foxes, practically any animal. Yes I am an animal lover. :D I have M.P.D or Multiple Personality Disorder, Schizophrenia, and paranoia. I have 41 personalities that I know of so far so please excuse them. :/ I also like to write stories too! I have one older sister, and older brother who's currently in a mental health facility. I live with my Grandparents and my mom, I have a little puppy named Kuja, she's a chihuahua mixed with a rat terrier. Some of my favorite anime are: Vampire Knight, Wolf's Rain, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Naruto, Sonic, Claymore, Hellsing, .Hack // Legend of the Twilight Bracelet, Bleach, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan, Death Note, Digimon, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, th
Tools of the trade
Mechanical pencils, shade blenders, erasers, etc.
Drawing, playing video games, singing, walking.
Favourite books
Harry Potter, Twilight Saga, Stephen King
Favourite movies
Naruto, Inuyasha, any anime, The Ring, The Ring 2, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1 and 2, REALLY scary movies
Favourite music
3 days grace, linkin Park, I would type the rest but it'd be a LONG list. :p