1. dragon slayer
2. goku and vegeta
3. Toshiro Hitsugaya (From Bleach)
4. son goku
5. super saiyan goku
6. feng shui dragons
7. realistic water dragon
8. chinese dragon
9. diamond hearted phoenix
10. dragon attacking
11. skeleton knight
12. water dragon
13. dragon head
14. killer dragon
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i LIKE scary movies LOVE rap HATE ragaeton (i can listen to it but dont ask me if i like it or i wil say get your *ss clean you son of a glitch motherfker) and i like doing jokes
Tools of the trade
pencils and markers> ( to draw not to color )
i like to draw play video games (the most of the time shooter games)
Favourite books
i dont read a lot of books but i like only two its in dutch zwerftocht met korilu, als ik later vader ben
Favourite movies
friday the 13, freddy vs jason, nightmare on elm street (allof them), scary movie (all of them)
Favourite music
i love rap songs, rock and chinese/korean songs (somtimes depends on what song a relaxing song but i hate ragaeton the songs i like are: dragon ball rap ,tetris rap ,nach efectos vocales, welcome to the family, this is war, holy smokes barn burner, a little piece of heaven,all the pretty girls, bring me to life etc there are a lot more