1. cyborg anime
2. anakhetame
3. i am
4. pirate skull
5. floral
6. hell butterfly
7. byakuya kuchiki in colour
8. i luv byakuya kuchiki
9. lineart generator from deviantart
10. playin around with sai
11. reika
12. yuki chan sort of mask thingy
13. harlequinn
14. sai neko san
15. amethyst sai
16. action girls
17. sai san
18. skin and mask
19. friends
20. eternal
21. anime saggittarius warrior
22. shizuka celesta flesh tint
23. dragon
24. yin yang tiger
25. uchuu yukiko
26. shizuka celesta
27. assassin blood
28. ninja skull
29. princess zira
30. flare, guardian of fire
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Trinidad and Tobago
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i LOVE to draw i love animals and the natural world. i like to draw everyday and i like to follow my imagination.i LOVE BLEACH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ASSASSINS CREED(ezio-dies*)(altair-faints*)(connor- suicide*)
Tools of the trade
pens{ preferably sharpie fine point} pencils and charcoal, paint tool sai and photoshop :)
eating, drawing, reading, watching tv,studying (just kidding), i love bleach i love bleach and assassins creed CONNOR!!!!!!!!!!!!,ICHIGO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love bleach,did i say that ? oh well
Favourite books
lost hero- rick riordan, fire- kristin cashore, 50 shades of gray (i wanna read it), lightning theif, sea of monsters,titan's curse,the last olympian,the son of neptune, graceling,the alchemyst and so on
Favourite movies
brave, avatar, expendables,transformers and john carter,brave,hunger games,bleach movies,men in black movies, rise of the dark knight, dracula 2000,300, the incredible hulk,
Favourite music
pop music, rap music and spanish music, nightcore music(love that) and japanese music (luuuuuuv that)