1. Noir City Street Chase
2. Portrait of Alyssa
3. self Portrait
4. Dangerous Girl
5. Seductive lover
6. Hazel
7. Lori
8. Looking up to unseen lover
9. Captain of the Destiny
10. Portrait of Dekorah
11. Hilary, Peachy and Karen
12. Portrait of Vicki
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39, Male
United States
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I've been a sketcher since I was a kid. I won a few art contests as a pre-teen, but never really did anything serious about my art for a long time, but I have realized( mostly through friends and family members) I have been wasting my talents. I now do caricatures of people(for profit, and often just for fun), I'm promoting my small business while I am practicing alot, and writing scripts for short stories and graphic novels(non-professionally), and hope to one day illustrate and write my own graphic novels and possible children's books.
Tools of the trade
pencil, ink, marker,paint(any kind), digital paint programs, scanner. Hoping to get a digital sketching "stylus" pad soon!
I am a guitar player, I love the Spanish/Classical guitar style. I learned to play guitar from Jimi Hendrix albums, so I kinda have a bluesy flavor to my sounds. I am also planning to get off my butt and do some recording because I haven't done much with my songwriting in a while.
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