Gift Art For Halo 4 Warriror Drawing

Gift art for Halo 4 Warriror © 2019 Noob_The_Ninja 35 / 81

Uploaded: Apr 6, 2015
Artist: Noob_The_Ninja
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Artist comments

This is my gift art for Halo_4_warrior, as a way to show my appreciation towards how she's been to me C: She's been the person to me that always respects me, cares for me, appreciated me, talks to me, and is always there for me whenever I'm not sure about something. I have no idea how I would be if I wasn't friends with you. So I must say, thank you :) This picture depicts a picture of me and her (I'm the blue Flygon, she's the gray and gold Mewtwo XD) together XD Hope you guys all like it :)