Me As A Diamondback Naga Drawing

Me as a Diamondback Naga © 2019 Halo_4_Warrior 84 / 86

Uploaded: Jan 16, 2015
Artist: Halo_4_Warrior
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Artist comments

Drew myself as a Naga, cooking Macaroni and Cheese. Boy, did Servano get the shock of his life! XD I was originally gonna be a Massassauga Naga, but then decided to make myself an Eastern Diamondback Naga. LOOOOOOOVE how it turned out XD Btw, my tail is jet black with silver diamonds and a silver rattle. Servano belongs to me. Servano's face in the third panel was too much fun to make XD Noob, I know I draw Servano a lot, but he's my OC and that's what I'm supposed to do, so shut up XD Jk XD Made COMPLETELY in Microsoft Paint. I had a lot of fun drawing this XD No relation to storyline, made just for fun XD Dialogue idea for first three panels was from an old commerical, I think it was Master Card? I don't remember XD