Percy Jackson Number 2 By KF Drawing

Percy Jackson number 2 by KF © 2019 Fangirls_of_Durin 27 / 46

Uploaded: Jan 3, 2015
Artist: Fangirls_of_Durin
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THIS IS THE OTHER ONE! Ok, so, my head cannon? This is a depiction of Percy when he and Annabeth go on a quest, sometime before The Last Olympian, so it's before they start dating. They're by the campfire and Percy says that Annabeth should get some sleep, he'll take the first watch. After being reluctant for a bit she concedes and leans against the wall, after a bit she slips and falls into Percy's lap since they were sitting next to each other. Percy just smiled like shown. Secretly, Annabeth was awake the entire time, and only fell asleep once Percy starting affectionately twirly a small blonde curl of her hair hanging over her ear. THE END. BYE GUYS. ~KF