Shangri The Naga, Cuz I Can XD Drawing

Shangri the Naga, Cuz I can XD © 2017 Halo_4_Warrior 64 / 86

drawing contest
Uploaded: Aug 19, 2014
Artist: Halo_4_Warrior
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Artist comments

Shangri La Van the Moodring as a Naga XD Ik he's not a Naga, but I thought about what he might look like as one, and this was the result XD Omfg, his eyes... *faints* Sooooo sexy! Love how well this turned out. Shangri La Van(guy who's grayish blue), Quanta(guy with 'X' as pupil), Oscar(red arms), and Brim(girl with wings) belong to RegardingInsanity, not me. No relation to character's original storylines, made just for fandom XD Omfg, Shangri looks sooooo hot when he's bored(when his skin turns a grayish blue, it means he's bored XD) I love Shangri X3