Introducing Aurora Rose Borealis Drawing

Introducing Aurora Rose Borealis © 2017 Halo_4_Warrior 63 / 86

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Uploaded: Aug 12, 2014
Artist: Halo_4_Warrior
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Artist comments

Meet Aurora 'Rose' Borealis, daughter of Winline(mother) and Shadow(father). She was born on August 9th, 2014 at 1:44 pm. She has her father's Ender Being abilities, but she has Winline's sky blue eyes. She is undoubtedly the cutest stick figure baby u'll ever see. X3 Love how well this turned out. Winline(green stick figure) and Shadow(black stick figure) belong to PinkBlueY, not me. Aurora is my baby OC and belongs to meh XD No relation to original character's storylines, just made for fandom XD And yes, I named her after the Northern Lights XD Made COMPLETELY in Microsoft Paint. The 'Ender Being' part is my headcanon, and it belongs to me XD