Worn Out, Super Cute X3 Drawing

Worn out, super cute X3 © 2017 Halo_4_Warrior 62 / 86

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Uploaded: Jul 30, 2014
Artist: Halo_4_Warrior
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Artist comments

15 minutes after Tier One Elite team finished their 6-hour military training, Etrius sees that I fell asleep 2 hours before they started training. He smiles as he picks me up and carries me on his back, his cheeks glowing as he saw a smile grow on my face, my cheeks also flushed. God, I made Etrius sound like such a sweetheart! X3 Love the General in the background XD Etrius, Boomer, Beecher, Lloyd, and the General belong to Oscar Johansson, not me. Made COMPLETELY in Microsoft Paint. No relation to original storyline, made just for fandom XD I almost forgot I put Lara in there XD Lara belongs to me XD