The One Ring To Rule Them All, EEs First Upload Drawing

the One Ring To rule them all, EEs first upload © 2020 Fangirls_of_Durin 8 / 46

Uploaded: May 16, 2014
Artist: Fangirls_of_Durin
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Artist comments

EE here...finally, this picture really was never meant to go this far. It started off as a joke when my doppelgänger (The other artist who shares this account with me) kept teasing me about not being about to say the whole “ one ring to rule them all..”. So I stole her mini sketchpad and doodled to my hearts content. The finished product is what you see. It is the Ring, and the saying that goes along with it. Pretty simple. Not as simple to draw. KF here, just wanted to point out that I wrote the quote, and EE still can't remember it! That's like saying she doesn't celebrate Tolkien week! Unbelievable! :P ~EE