MAJESTIC Kili Quote, From Desolation Of Smaug Drawing

MAJESTIC Kili Quote, from Desolation of Smaug © 2017 Fangirls_of_Durin 1 / 46

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Uploaded: Apr 15, 2014
Artist: Fangirls_of_Durin
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Kili Fangirl posting the first of, hopefully, many artworks. This one shows a quote from the one and only...KILI!!!!! The scene this originates from shows Tauriel (Evangelie Lilly) saving Kili (Aidan Turner) from the poisonous arrow wound that he copped in Mirkwood. This scene literally made me cry on so many levels, not joking when I say that. The actual picture is a reprisal of Dawn's tut on drawing Illusion Art. I personally like this picture, hope you do to, comment below. I do apologise for the birds looking like potatoes and my extremely messy handwriting. Double e's comment follows: Flying potato's and a mystical font make me feel as if though I'm in a hazy dream. while the quote is sad and beautiful, it really does inspire. As for messy writing, HAVE YOU SEEN MY HAND WRITTING? JEEZ. It could have been a little less cramped but besides that, the flying food and sketchy lines and the over all creativity was bloody brilliant. thanks to dawn of course, for the tutorial. hehe.