Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Ventus Sketch

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Ventus Sketch © 2017 TicTac_mau5 6 / 11

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Uploaded: Jan 23, 2014
Artist: TicTac_mau5
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I love the Kingdom Hearts game series. I am one of those people who wont play a KH game until a final mix comes out ( which is mostly only in japan ). Birth by sleep however is one of my favorite psp games and yes i have the final mix and it is one sad ending. Im very excited for the release of Kingdom hearts 2.5 HD remix. it will fit nice on the shelf next to 1.5 HD. However Ventus is a major character in the franchise. He is practically the reason you get to play as Sora in the other games. Even though it is sad and very time consuming ( 3 playthroughs on proud on all characters to unlock the secret movies, also find the hidden notes to play the final episode, and yes the final episode of course), it is definitely worth playing and if your new to the franchise play Birth by sleep first for it is a prequel. Even tho;ugh i can go on and on about the game this a bout the art not the game. This sketch is a trace i did on my PC. It took some time but came out great. After i was done tracing i did some touch ups to it and i got the final result. Tracing is looked down on by some, however i admit i traced this and i used a program called sketchbook express to set the original image on a different layers while i used my drawing tablet to trace and touch up. I would like to do the other two characters from KH:BBS FM however i like to switch up the stuff i post so that way i don't repeatedly post the same game art all the time. however if i were to post the other characters Aqua com