Matt Murdock Daredevil Drawing

Matt Murdock Daredevil © 2017 Crusader1265 19 / 34

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Uploaded: Nov 25, 2013
Artist: Crusader1265
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Artist comments

I drew this one using a picture of Spider-Man and Daredevil that I believe was originally drawn by John Romita. It took me an hour or two and I used a different approach than usual to make it. The hardest part was to decide the colors as the original picture was in a night setting and the majority of the suit was black because of it, but the parts affected by light were still red, and the boots were just two different shades of red. It took me a while but I was eventually able to make it look like this with a red, red orange, and black colored pencil for the suit. I hope you guys enjoy it.