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Uploaded: Sep 20, 2013
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(Note please read all of this its really good!). Sense I got such positive feedback from my last mechanic girl I decided to make a anime mechanic character! Her name is Leanora, but she goes by Le call her anything ells and your not related to her and you'll have one heck of a problem on your hands cuz she takes it as a personal insult sense she thinks it's too girly a name Anyway her is a short story about my character Leanora "Hi I'm Le a fun loving 13year old girl! But there's something's about me that make's me different from your typical teenage girl, one I spend most of my time in a mechanic's shop and by "most" I mean if I'm not sleeping,at school or eating dinner. I do just about everything there I even have my own office for studying, the shop was originally my dad's till he died when I was two in a car crash.:'( now my older cousin James owns it. I'm an only child sense my mom never remarried after my dad died, and you can usually see me in my favorite sweater with cut off jean shorts and mechanical apron or just some white tank top with righting on it and a pare of cut off jeans plus I almost always were knee-high boots. And two what make's me different is I never fit in a can't stand makeup any type and well..I'm not sure i should tell you that yet..." So there u have it! Pleas leave a comment and tell me what u think and if u want me to keep it up with this character! Peace!Ooh and I almost forgot in this pic she's smiling at the camera for a pic for the yearbook