Lonely Fairy Drawing

Lonely Fairy © 2017 Rose27 2 / 2

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Uploaded: Jul 18, 2013
Artist: Rose27
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Artist comments

this girl with wings represents all those that are judged for their differences. the wings are what makes her a "freak" in society and shows the weird things that all the true outcasts out there have. if you can see the tattoos (i know its hard terrible camera), they say positive things like "blessed", "angel", and "i'm ok" on the easier to see limbs, representing the things people say to your face to placate you and what you respond with to placate them. but on the inner limbs it says "cursed", "demon", and "NOT", to signify the cruel things people say behind your back and what you really mean when you say "i'm ok". the caption says "I'm only alone because I'm different. That's how it works." thanks to Dawn for the tut that inspired this art :)