Warriors 1 The Adventure Begins Drawing

Warriors 1 The Adventure Begins © 2017 Skytalon16 28 / 35

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Uploaded: Nov 14, 2012
Artist: Skytalon16
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I just began reading Warriors: Into the Wild. Awesome book! And yes. I know at this scene, he's a kit, not an adult. Problem was that once I realized this, I was going to fix it. However, the .pdf file (with the many layers in the picture) just suddenly disappeared, so I couldn't go back and edit Rusty/Firepaw. I made many pitiful attempts to fix it in the .jpg file (which is only one layer), but every attempt made the picture look obvious that I edited it. So, Warriors Fans, until I find and re-scan the original pencil sketch and do it over, I apologize for this huge mistake and I hope you like it! I was, however, able to fix his collar, which was originally emerald green since his eyes were that color, but we couldn't see them. But then, I looked on the back of the book and saw a small picture with him and his torn BLUE collar on the ground infront of him. So I decided to change it to that. Plus it looks a lot better on him. :) Warriors© Erin Hunter Art©Me