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Uploaded: Nov 13, 2012
Artist: Darkanine
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Teleporting from Home to Home About Draw My second work of My Little Pony and the first i'd use all sort of things i know about drawing. How you see, Twilight Sparkle is teleporting from the first location you see in the serie to her current home. The reason is very silly. I did this work because when i tried the "Wich Pony Are You Test", she was my result. At first i'd hate that, but now, i know is true and i like it. Poorly social skills, booksmart, always working in a project that sometimes end in canceling or avoiding dates to have some fun. That's the sumary About Techniques I'd learn a bit about clouds and a bit of behavior within. I'd learn some of a sort effect of light. I'd learn to make a lesser short and long hair brightness. I'd learn a bit about wooden designs. Copyright Twilight Sparkle: Lauren Faust, Hasbro. Art: Darkanine.