Alexander Ludwig, Cato Drawing

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Uploaded: Oct 10, 2012
Artist: wolvesareawesome112
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Hi this is wolvesareawesome! This is a drawing of Alexander Ludwig, who plays Cato in The Hunger Games. The only movie I seen that he is in is 'Race to Witch Mountain'. (Its really good!) Sorry that it's not the right way, I don't know how to rotate it and if you do tell me how if you can! Well, I hope you can still see it properly from that angle. :) Cato comes from District 2, so naturally he is lethal and experienced. He has a hatred and envy towards Katniss since the beginning of the Games. He is pretty brutal, and was the last one standing apart from Peeta and Katniss. Yeah, during the process of tracing, It changed in the eyes a little as you can see, if you compare it to the original picture. I also added the 'District 2' patch on his arm. Catlucker, your tutorial was awesome, and really helpful, but i tried... i really tried... but it kinda got shaded too much and the eyes didn't really show. That happened the second time I tried to draw him with your tutorial. Go and check it out, I think you'll do better than I did :) Hope you like it and add it to your faves and comment if you do! Thx!! :D