Connor Kenway AC3 Drawing

Connor Kenway AC3 © 2017 Ruby_X 19 / 20

drawing contest
Uploaded: Aug 18, 2012
Artist: Ruby_X
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Artist comments

Born to a British father and Mohawk mother, Ratonhnhaké:ton was raised among his mother's tribe. He suffered severely during his childhood, largely from the tribe's encounters with European colonists; a conflict that reached its peak when his village was destroyed by a colonial force... :3 i just FREAKING LOVE HIM! Hes da best Assassin evea!! In my opinion :P... argh! Since i love him so much, this took me HOURS to finish this picture off and make sure it was perfect! N yesh.. most of my tools were glitched -.-... does my 3DS hate or me or something!? Haha xD.. before anyone goes "NUUUU U DIDNT DRAW THAT" D: yesh i did.. this is ma version from the orginial picture :P... you can easily spot the difference of the details i've put into it... i can list them if you dont believe meh, ive put obvious details to show you that i did draw do it, which kinda made it look weird XD... soooo yesh i have drawnnn thisssssss! Even though it looks alike to da normal picture.. ma bro didn't believe me ethier, ima assassinate him nowz! -_-... soo shush or ill EATTT youhhh XP.... xxx