HanaLi Fukushima (Original Anime Character) Drawing

HanaLi Fukushima (Original Anime Character) © 2017 Domino 21 / 49

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Uploaded: Aug 17, 2012
Artist: Domino
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Artist comments

This is just one of the five main characters of the anime series i'm doing. Her name Is Hana-Li and she is 15 years old and plays instruments, like the violin and guitar that she learned at a young age (5). She looks up to her older brother who owns a TV show that is aimed at teenagers, he as asked her to join the show but she says no because she dosent like to be the center of attention, even for a little while. When she was younger she was over weight, when she lost the weight she was left with loose skin on her legs that lowered her confidence among other people. She has a sarcastic attitude and is a tomboy with a punk rock style. She gets on better with boys than girls. Shes a guitarist in the band The Legomen along with kenai shirishi (lead singer) Ichigo Tamusan (bassist) Tatsuya Deskune (drummer) Kumuro Valentine (lead guitarist). Their are some more coming up soon. :D