Tifa Vs Rinoa Drawing

tifa vs rinoa © 2017 KristmasKiller 50 / 55

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Uploaded: Aug 10, 2012
Artist: KristmasKiller
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Artist comments

Kay so a while ago i did a FFVII vs FFVIII setting up a "fight" between tifa and rinoa. heres how im fairly sure it would end. mostly because without her dog many of rinoas limit breaks are fairly useless, tifas on the other hand are simply slots where you either hit, hit hard or miss. tifa is equipped with various materia's (firaga, blizaga, restore, thundaga, etc) and her Tiger Fangs. tifa has 7 limit breaks the last being Final Heaven. For rinoa i wasnt sure about the whole junctioning jazz so i gave her a blaster edge of my own (it failed). im not sure about angel wing but its pretty much a magic spell berserk. kudos to montyoum for pose and idea from dead fantasy ^-^