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Uploaded: Aug 5, 2012
Artist: Ruby_X
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Artist comments

Lol idk.. I was bored i guess and found this picture, so then i decided to draw this on Colors 3D XD xxx D'aww..! Don't they look cute? Looks like Ezio is enjoying himself, while Desmond is just about satsified, when as Altair doesnt look happy.. at all >_< xxx Fu... Connor isn't in der! D:!!! I will draw a chibi Connor when i find a cute/good chibi of him! Theres hardly none good ones, if you find one... tell meh!! XD yeah im still going.. but keep reading! :P i hid 3 blue hearts in this picture.. can you find them? :O.. to be honest they're easy to find X3 xxx Also dont ask why there are blue birds O.O... but they're cute too! Which birdie is your fav? XD ma fav one is the one looking down beside Altair's foot :3... xxx haha i guess i'm going to stop here :P so i hope you like it... DOUGHNUTY-PIES! O3O...