Dextras Drawing

Dextras © 2020 GideonGave 131 / 137

Uploaded: Jun 4, 2012
Artist: GideonGave
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Artist comments

Part of my original world, Phephelune One of the most powerful Demon-Gods, Dextras manifests as a humanoid being with multiple pairs of hands rested over its body, and a large fleshy “cloak” extends from the back of its head to the back of its calves, giving it a teardrop silhouette. It has no defined gender, so pronoun usage when referring to it is interchangeable to one’s preference. It always levitates a few feet above ground. It can teach one anything about the universe. Those who are guarded by Dextras usually have the element of air. When it becomes defensive, Dextras’ hands will lift from their place on its body to reveal seven portals that all lead to different portions of the universe. Revealing these portals causes an immediate vacuum, much like a black hole, that will consume anything close enough and send it to a random area of space.