Shion Sonozaki Drawing

shion sonozaki © 2017 violent_storm 3 / 10

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Uploaded: Jun 3, 2012
Artist: violent_storm
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Artist comments

vats hapnin wow look at those eyes they are way too close together, this is shion sonozaki her twin sister mion sonozaki is next in line for the sonozaki..throne i guess. BEWARE THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD, although it is not mentioned in the anime mion and shion often swapped places when they were young. shion was actually born mioon and mion was actually born shion but due to constant swithching shion (not the one in the pic) was branded with the demon tattoo and was officially named mion for the rest of her life. OK SPOILERS OVER :) shion (in the pic) went on a murderous rampage as everyone should know uh i think (if not im so very sorry) anyways guys who like blood gore and thrills to the end should watch higurashi no naku koro ni thanks for reading!!!