Ash Ketchum Drawing

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Uploaded: Jun 3, 2012
Artist: violent_storm
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vats hapnin, GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL POKEMON yeaaah poke power to the end, although i was only a bub when the first pokemon series was popular i instantly fell in love with it.this is from one of dawns tutorials and as you can tell it is (drumroll please) ASH KETCHUM...:) yet again ash is not my favourite character in fact most of the pokemon trainer annoy the shiz out of me but still what can you do? (uh capture pikachu and kill ash..wait no nevermind) so guys ill leave you with a question...AND ILL WRITE IT ALL IN CAPS TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE IM YELLING...WHAT WOULD BE THE FIRST POKEMON YOU CHOOSE TO BATTLE WITH IN THE FIRST BATTLE ASH WAS IN AND yeah that s pretty much all