My Little Allies Drawing

My Little Allies © 2017 Ninaiso 4 / 9

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Uploaded: Mar 14, 2012
Artist: Ninaiso
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Artist comments

Should have submitted this first. XD Yes, Russia is a fuzzy pony. Winter, you know? Yes, Iggy has a large horn. He is a Magic wiz you know. Now a wall of text comparing the Allies to the Mane 6. America - Rainbow Dash (This doesn’t need an explanation. If you need one… Both LOVE to fly. They are overconfident and boast quite a bit. Both want to be the hero and are slightly self-centered. They are also competitive, mischievous, and energetic. However, they can both be lazy sometimes and shirk work, much to the annoyance of the others. Need I say more?) England - Twilight Sparkle (Both adore magic, love tea, read, are organized, and sarcastic. Both have a temper and believe in mythical things as well as magic. They both also had their phase of ‘splendid isolation’.) France - Rarity (This really doesn’t need an explanation either. Still… Fashion obsessed, both sketch, love design, fops/obsessed with their looks, and melodramatic.) Russia - Pinkie Pie (Smile all the time, always appear laughing and happy but have a dark psychotic side (Party of One guys) and both are Naive.) Canada - Fluttershy (Seriously, how can they not be similar? Shy, gentle, love animals and nature, quiet.) China - Applejack (Now before you disagree, listen. Both are very hard workers and take pride in their work and heritage/family. They are very talented cooks and make many different dishes. Both try to be positive and are very wise and helpful. Both are quite patient bu