A Tribute To Champion Cynthia Drawing

A Tribute To Champion Cynthia © 2017 NeonFire 22 / 44

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Uploaded: Mar 5, 2012
Artist: NeonFire
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Artist comments

Well, I have quite a treat for all of you pokefans out there, especially the ones who have played pokemon, diamond, pearl, and platinum. I play platinum and decided to do a little tribute to my favorite trainer of ALL TIME. Cynthia gets the player out of many tough situations in platinum, and also gives you a togepi egg. I like her because of her pokemon. In platinum, she has spiritoumb, togekiss, garchomp, milotic, lucario, and roserade. Im not too sure in diamond and pearl, but my friend has the game and says that Cynthia isn't really helpful. I cant take a whole lot of credit for this. The original pixel art is by pixel_junk at http://sketchfu.com/drawing/3533088-cynthia-sprite . I didn't trace it, but i tried to recreate the pixels on my system. The color system on my program is cheap, so please dont get mad at me for bad coloration. Again, rate,comment, and favorite for more pixelized pokemon art!